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The Top 5 Email Marketing Third Party Tools – SPI TV Ep. 30


The Top 5 Email Marketing Third Party Tools – SPI TV Ep. 30



Have you heard? It’s Email Marketing Month here on SPI TV, and this week, I’m covering the top third-party tools that just might change the game for you and your email list.

Building your email list is a crucial, ongoing process for your growing business. Back in SPI TV 27, I shared my strategies for building your list via opt-in forms on your website. But an opt-in form isn’t the only way to turn visitors into subscribers. You can also enlist the help of a few top-notch tools.

The tools I’m covering today can help you build your list via mobile, prompt your site visitors to opt-in, create customized landing pages to engage potential subscribers, and more. They integrate easily with most email software, so you can add them to your email marketing strategy seamlessly.

You can check out those tools individually here:

LeadPages & LeadDigits




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