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Good Life USA foundation is travel , but we are so much more than. We have over 900,000 hotels and
resorts world wide but we are also in the the entertainment field where you are provided with your
own ticket source to the NFL,NBA,NCAA,concerts , amusement park , online shopping with cash back.
The things that you do already but are getting paid for. And with our free $200 VIP card that any
business can take advantage of our VIP cards and put their logo on and give it to their customers
as a appreciation for being their customer and when those customers go on vacation or just a weekend
getaway that will generate income for that existing business into their bank account. No matter how
big or small the company is we can help you keep happy customers. It doesn’ matter what type of
business you are in anybody can benefit by utilizing our free $200 VIP cards.

Products & Services
Free $200 VIP Club Card
We have the only product for customers that doesn’t cost them anything and when they use our product
it generates income for our business and there’s no limit to how many cards we give out. We have big
companies that are waiting to jump on board with us with customer as large as 100,000…

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