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Facebook Marketing Tools All In One Chrome Extension Features

facebook marketing tools all in one chrome extension features


Title:facebook marketing tools all in one chrome extension features

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Welcome! This is Facebook Online Marketing Tools All In One, a client side Chrome Extension to help you to put your Facebook™ Marketing on Autopilot.As we all know that the competition is very intense nowadays.If you don’t use facebook bot for your Facebook™ Marketing,you will lose at the starting line.So,here we are.No matter you are a beginner or advanced marketer, with the help of our professional products, you should be able to take your incoming of facebook marketing to a higher lever. Are you ready? Go!

✔ accept all friend requests
✔ invite all friends to page
✔ invite all friends to group
✔ like all posts
✔ like all comments
✔ tag friends in timeline post photo
✔ tag members in group post photo
✔ tag all friends in timeline post
✔ tag all members in group post
✔ comment group all posts

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