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My EXACT formula to have emails that sell without having to hire an expensive copywriter

If email marketing is still a passion for you, then I want to remind you about this free gift:

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Just in case you missed it a few days ago, I’d like you to pick up a complimentary gift from my friend Jon Benson called “The Secret Million-Dollar Email Swipe File”.

Just don’t be fooled by “free”:

This is jam-packed with an INSANE amount of email marketing know-how designed to help you create emails that sell without having to hire an expensive copywriter, increase sales for your business, and generate more trust and credibility for you and your business in a groundbreaking and powerful fashion.
There’s no strings, no catch, and nothing whatsoever to buy. Jon wanted all the digital marketers I know to have this.
And I wanted to give it to you as a gift as my way of saying “thanks” for being a loyal reader.

Now, there’s something else I need to share with you:

You’ll instantly get access to some of 2017’s hottest promotional emails, list-building emails, affiliate emails, and even content emails to help you cash in on email marketing…all by simply filling in the blanks.
PLUS Jon will give you his FREE behind-the-scenes training video that tells you exactly how to leverage these emails and use them in your specific industry…
…and here’s why I know Jon can back that up:
Jon is the creator of the Video Sales Letter, or VSL. His customers pull in over a BILLION dollars every year from his Sellerator VSL Formula (yes, I said BILLION.) Even Ryan Deiss said, “I’m proud to admit I ethically rip off Jon when it comes to VSLs.”
Jon has also created and sent close to a billion emails, generating over $50M in revenue for himself, and hundreds of millions for his email copy clients…

…so that’s just another solid reason to pick this up today:

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You know, Jon Benson really is a fountain of knowledge, and I believe you’ll find these unique marketing insights a serious benefit to you.
And while this isn’t going to magically whisk you to email marketing success, it can most certainly shorten your journey.
It’s here, and it’s free for you:
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Steve and Vicky
P.S. Just keep this in mind:
Jon will only have this available for a few days…

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