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My Sweet Cuz And Her Sense  Of Humor!

Right on time, I received my recurring, 18 month summons to appear for jury duty and yesterday was the day. To avoid the extreme, rush-hour traffic into Phoenix, Dick demanded he take me rather than I even attempt maneuvering public transport to the area.

(He would be a welcomed companion into this trek into the unknown). As I calculate, this would be my last possible summons before I will no longer be age-appropriate and can opt out of future opportunities. YIP!

We allowed two hours for the trip to the big city and were undeterred by the parking lot of cars sitting on I-10 as we journeyed to our exit, then, to the appointed parking lot and furnished bus ride to the courthouse.



We were shocked by the estimated 400 potential jurors already checked into the assembly room upon our early arrival. My heart leaped, thinking, ‘With this crowd, I’ll never be called’, at least that was my hope.

I’ve never witnessed such a gathering of people sitting motionless, without even whispering a word or looking directly into the eye of another.

Zombies all; looking at their electronic devices (duh), reading books or just starring into space. As Dick read his book, I worked two crossword puzzles and whipped out my latest edition of Judicial Watch to ward-off evil.

The twenty-some TV screens played silent public programming until the court’s video announcements and instructions replaced the disregarded tennis match that was streaming. Soon after, the action began as lists of the various jury selections were displayed on the massive screens.

Let me just say, I’ve often rejoiced at being married to an “A” (Alpopp), but today, not so much – I didn’t want to be first, I didn’t want to sit in the front row, I didn’t want them to start at the beginning of the alphabet and I didn’t want the notoriety of seeing my name emblazoned on those dratted screens.

We sat in silence as the first four groups of fifty-some each, were called out for the various court assignments. Rick and I took a collective breath, blinked with a knowing signal of satisfaction, but said not a word; we were hoping against hope it would soon be over.

Not so fast – there is was: S ALPOPP – doom had landed after all. I collected my necessities, made plans for the lunch break and took my place in line with fifty other sheep.

From that point on, I was Number 19 and trying to make it as lucky as I could among these strangers in paradise. It was at that moment, I decided to change my persona and become the silent, mysterious woman I knew I could be – for once; not engaging in casual conversation, not making little jokes or exposing what lurked behind my naked eyes;


I just watched, waited, and followed orders like a militant. As we were about to depart, the drama began. When we took our initial step toward the courtroom, one woman rattled the crowd by voicing her fear of the tall escalator. (Oh, brother, here we go – the crazies are out and running.

She got her special treatment through a secret passage – oh, lucky girl!) We trailed up the escalator, through the halls, over the bridge, through the woods and into elevators to another building before we landed on the thirteenth floor.

(|A groaning reality to the superstitious in the crowd – I tried to ignore the nervous comments). Miss Scare-Dee-Cat arrived and took her numerical place in line – she was No. 13, oh yes, and one to remember later. We squeezed into numerical order in the courtroom and awaited the Judge, his instructions and all the questioning that would surely follow.

The interrogations became the jaw-dropping entertainment of the day. I came, wide-eyed and open to the experience, while the rest came rehearsed and prepared for a quick dismissal.

This was Central Casting at its finest; right out of Hollywood and I was about to witness some of the most dramatic recitations in the modern day, legal world. In numerical order, we each stood to recite a brief statement of our background.

Those demonstrations, alone, got my juices flowing; not in what they said, but in the mealy-mouth delivery of their life experiences. They spoke so low, the Judge kept asking them to repeat themselves and each acted as if they were afraid to come out of the shadows of themselves.

I stood and spoke so loudly everyone knew not to mess with me and sat down, chastising myself for exposing the mystery within, as I had promised. (Lesson to self: shut-up)

The Judge began the long questioning task – delving only into the questions of those who raised their numbered card number to give oblique answers to hopefully, and artfully, weasel out of jury duty:

-Anyone have a medical condition that would cause difficulty…..???

-Anyone have family members, friends, neighbors in law-enforcement, legal work……?

-Anyone ever been a victim of a crime, abuse…….

-Anyone have opposing views of marijuana….?

-Anyone ever been charged with a felony or had a family member involved in a felony……?

-Anyone have trouble following the law or making judgment as a juror….?

-And on it went on. (This guy was getting a fair trial for sure – it was Self-Elimination Day)

Oh, Those questions prompted responses by the score – cards were waving like they were in a ticker-tape parade.

Number 13, Miss Escalator 2017, had just be diagnosed with an undefined heart condition, requiring a single medication to address it and more testing ahead. It took her an hour to get to the court today and the traffic caused her much stress.

(“Hey, Lady, do you think the rest of us were hosted in a downtown hotel last night?; I think we passed you on the interstate this morning.”) Later, she told the Judge she was also under much stress in thinking this 3-day trial would cause her beauty shop great financial loss if it was closed too long, after all, she was stressed, being the shop’s owner and sole support……yak-yak. (Now I lay me down to sleep)

A lady behind me said she was Catholic and could not judge another human being – “God is our only judge|”.

(Let’s call the Pope in on this, please) Nearly everyone was related or knew someone in legal work and law-enforcement, except me.

I could not think of one person except my late Uncle, from forty-years ago, but perhaps, today, he would qualify for me. (As I sat silent – I thought – “Hey, I licked stamps for a lawyer once”).

The Judge’s follow-up questions to these flimsy excuses should have provided an embarrassing moment for some of these people, but no, they went on and on.

Number 18, sitting next to me, explained the depth of his marvelous BA degree in Law and Criminology, about eight years ago. When the Judge asked how he was using that education, the jerk reported he has been unemployed for some time now.

(I bit my lip) This is the guy who would later, pace the halls with us, explaining to this captive audience, how, why and what to expect from the Judge and this trial. He was wrong on every count. (Jail him for false testimony!)

A twenty-five year old gal who sat on my bench, three places down, previously unnoticed by anyone in the group, started quivering, as if on cue when the Judge asked if anyone had a reason for feeling they could not participate in the trial.

Her card was waving so hard, all surrounding hot flashes ceased. She said she was having an anxiety attack and began weeping. WHAT? There had been no meltdowns downstairs, on the escalator, in the elevator nor in the hallway; not until this moment. What just happened here?

Was she suddenly stressed because her pants and shirt were too tight? (and not in a good way). (I am boiling inside – but my maturity holds me back – I AM that mysterious woman after all). I passed her tissue. Gad!!!

Two women needed to pump milk, periodically, for their new babies – one had no stash for tomorrow’s feeding – her son would starve without her.

(I could not compete with that line – I nearly passed out) Hadn’t the Mother, without a sufficient supply of milk, ever heard of advanced planning or a refrigerator? (I handed them coupons for canned milk).

A father of five, spoke of his early brush with the law when a policemen asked him to turn down his car radio when he was sixteen. (A nothing-burger attempt for being excused.

Note: He’s raising children of his own teenagers now – send them all to counseling) Another had an aunt in law enforcement, in Florida, twenty years ago.

(I can’t sit here) Miss Priss’s husband had his watch stolen ten years ago. The watch was recovered and some insurance reimbursement was offered, but she could be impartial in this case. (Really? This is about drugs; not theft, lady. Free me from this madness now!)

It was almost noon when the Judge and the attorneys huddled around the bench to decided which jurors would be dismissed from service and then, read their numbers.

Half the room emptied – decidedly, the wimps were among them. Good riddance!

Wait!! I’m still here! I had no story, no embellishments, no legal entanglements, no drama, no where to go, but to lunch with Rick. On the long walk between the courtroom and assembly room, I quieted my shock by reviewing the puny excuses that apparently worked.

During the lunch break, my only comment was, “Pass me my sandwich, p-l-e-a-s-e”. I couldn’t speak to him about the proceedings, but did relay my lowered expectations in not being called to trial after all.

With about twenty-eight potential jurors remaining, my fate was almost sealed, but there would be another round of questioning after lunch.

The twenty-eight lucky losers assembled in the hall outside the courtroom – most looking down at their phones while the law professor paced, preaching his prophesy to those who refused make eye contact.

I stood silent in my new-found aura while others whispered small talk nonsense. The door opened and we were seated again in our appointed spots for more drilling; more juicy tales of woe.

I sat, flipping through my empty Rolodex of referrals, trying to conjure a previous appointment with a dirty past. I was void. I was that special sacrifice to legal doomsday.

After another hour of tall tales, we numeric specimens were relegated to the hall again for a short break that lasted far past the Judge’s prediction. That’s when a few jury potentials started finger-pointing and singling-out their choices of finalists.

One view was, that all the women would be chosen because they represented sympathy toward the sorry defendant. Others would be dismissed because of their past experiences with legal issues.

I remained silent; just listening to the theories, both musing and assessing the credibility of their ideas.

They just couldn’t decide about me because I never raised my card, nor spoke. I smiled, but the joker inside wanted to shout, “Fry him”, and scare them all.

In my faith, I know I am flawed, but a redeemed human being for eternity, however, this eye-opening experience leaves me thinking, I’m closer to perfection than I could ever imagine. Either that, or I am just too boring.

The door opened after the long, overdue session within and we were all asked to go in and sit on the benches in the back, in no particular order. Dead silence reigned.

With the defendant and attorneys standing and facing us, the Judge thanked everyone for appearing for service. What’s going on? Had there been a plea? Was it over before it started?

Were we all about to be dismissed? No! The Judge said, “As your number is read, please take the seat you are directed to, in the Jury Box”. (The mood was sobering)

Seemingly, in order, numbers were read and one by one and people moved to the hot seats. Two, Nine, Twelve, Twenty-three; on and on it went.

I dared not breathe, they skipped over nineteen, but I never exhaled for fear they were tricking us with the numbering system. Finally, after the selection of ten people, it ended. Only ten?

It is a trick! But when the Judge said, “Thank you all for your service – those whose numbers were not called are dismissed” – it was rats on a sinking ship as people started stepping on and over each other to scramble out of that room.

In the end, most of those chosen were those who had talked too much about crime and their attachments to law enforcement or experiences with same – those with the excuses.

Perhaps, the defense attorney thought they would be more passionate with the circumstances of the case. Several of those chosen were the very ones who “anointed other jury candidates” in the hallway earlier. (Yes, there were chuckles as we left)

Mysterious or not – this was my answered prayer. I had prayed that God would “get me through this” – didn’t know how; didn’t know what, but in the asking, it happened.

I praised the Lord with every rapid step back to collect Rick and tell him the news. I had not spoken but a few words all day and it all came tumbling out after the bus ride back to the car with other dismissed jurors, and all the way home.

That’s when my true self was released and revealed – a blabber mouth. What a “mysterious” day in the life of jury duty.

Steve And Vicky

C.C. Writer

Content Samurai Review

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​However because many IVs did not use them correctly it caused several thousand e-mails daily to hit the system. Sometimes as many as 4 and 5 thousand in a day. The IVs that use the system and ignored the rules bogged down the system to the point of not being practical. So at 10am Eastern Standard Time on 11/04/2016 any and all emails will be deleted from the following accounts! And any IVs waiting for a RESPONSE will need to:


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YouTube was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim who were all early employees of PayPal. YouTube’s early headquarters were situated above a pizzeria and Japanese restaurant in San Mateo, California. Screenshot of the site a few months after its launch, taken on the Wayback Machine. The domain name “” was activated on February 14, 2005, and during the next few months the website was developed. It was opened for uploads on April 23, 2005.
The first YouTube video uploaded on April 23, 2005 was titled Me at the zoo, and shows co-founder Jawed Karim at the San Diego Zoo. Like many technology startups, YouTube was started as an angel-funded enterprise from a makeshift office in a garage. In November 2005, venture firm Sequoia Capital invested an initial $3.5 million; additionally, Roelof Botha, a partner of the firm and former CFO of PayPal, joined the YouTube board of directors. In April 2006, Sequoia and Artis Capital Management invested an additional $8 million in the company, which had experienced hugely popular growth within its first few months.
During the summer of 2006, YouTube was one of the fastest growing sites on the Web, with more than 65,000 new videos uploaded and delivering 100 million video views per day in July. It was ranked the fifth most popular website on Alexa, far out-pacing even MySpace’s rate of growth. The website averaged nearly 20 million visitors per month, according to Nielsen/NetRatings, with around 44% female and 56% male. The 12- to 17-year-old age group was dominant. YouTube’s pre-eminence in the online market was substantial. According to the website, YouTube commanded up to 64% of the UK online video market. YouTube entered into a marketing and advertising partnership with NBC in June 2006.
Purchase by Google On October 9, 2006, it was announced that the company would be purchased by Google for US$1.65 billion in stock. The purchase agreement between Google and YouTube came after YouTube presented three agreements with media companies in an attempt to escape the threat of copyright-infringement lawsuits. YouTube planned to continue operating independently, with its co-founders and 67 employees working within Google. The deal to acquire YouTube was completed on November 13. At that time it was Google’s second largest acquisition.  Google’s February 7, 2007 SEC filing revealed the breakdown of profits for YouTube’s investors after the sale to Google. At the time of reporting, Chad Hurley’s profit was more than $395 million and Steve Chen’s profit was more than $326 million.
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Jobs After Retirement – Guide to Best Retirement Jobs

Jobs After Retirement – A Specific Guide to the Best Retirement Jobs

Are you retiring, already retired or hoping to retire soon? Are you worried that the moment you retire, you will be bored or run out of money or both? This article looks at the employment opportunities for retired people and picks up the best retirement jobs.



retirementFirstly, take a moment to consider why you are looking for a job after retirement. Do you really want to need to work after retiring? Perhaps it is the pressures and expectations of our modern society to be rich and always busy rather than a genuine desire for retirement income or a way to occupy your day.

Recent research has shown that three-quarters of German adults find it difficult to switch off and do nothing. They have even coined a term for it: ‘freizeitstresse’ or ‘free time stress‘. This is guilt or stress when we are doing nothing with our free time. We might be stressed that we are ‘only’ reading a book, sitting out in the garden, having a nap or watching TV.

Even retirees are thought to suffer from this free time stress. They feel a subconscious social pressure to be active and ‘do stuff’. Is this the reason you are looking for retirement work? Do not rush headlong into the first retirement career you are offered. Consider the underlying motivations for your desire to work. You can keep busy and live a fulfilled life without taking on a job, or you can do absolutely nothing! It is your life and you have earned the right to do what you like with it.

Perhaps you want to supplement your retirement income. You are worried that it will run out. This is a perfectly valid concern. Many people head into retirement without enough funds. Analyze your financial situation with an adviser or check with one of the many retirement calculators online to see if you have enough money to sustain the lifestyle you have chosen in your later years.

Also be wary of jumping into work as a status symbol. Having a job often defines who we are, and thus our self-worth. People love boasting about how busy they are, how they haven’t slept for days in order to meet this or that deadline. It is a curse of modern society that we consider overwork and high work stress to be a badge of honor. Are you looking for a retirement career simply to avoid sitting at a dinner party and hearing those words “so what do you do?”

Now you have considered the reasons for working again, let us list out the best retirement careers out there.

Finding a work-at-home occupation is probably of the most popular retiree jobs. Working from the comfort of your own home, without having to commute to the office each day, wear a suit, or deal with the same old office politics, gossip and plain pointless conversations; there are certainly many advantages to working from home.

Companies are seeking ways to reduce their overheads. With this come opportunities for part-time, stay-at-home work.

Some of the most popular jobs you can do at your kitchen table include writing, proofreading, editing and researching. If we just look at the category of writing, there is a unbelievable variety of related jobs such as ghost-writing, resume writing, technical writing, blogging, travel writing. I have even seen jobs advertised for people to simply cut and paste internet research findings into a word document.

You can find many opportunities like this at freelance websites such as, and

Other work-at-home jobs include data entry, crossword creation, recipe testing and writing, graphics design and computer programming. My friend’s retired mom is a medical coder. Her local hospital even supplied her with a computer to work with and an allowance for her broadband internet connection.

Admittedly, she was a trained medical coder at the same hospital for many years before retiring, but it is possible to receive online training and certification for this.


retirementSome view gardening as hard work, while others see it as a glorious chance to work in the great outdoors and be one again with nature.

In modern families, often both parents work, so they have less time to maintain a garden. Isn’t it one of life’s ironies that people work so hard today to be able to afford a large house with a pretty garden and then don’t have time to enjoy either of them! Their loss – your gain. They are more likely to employ a part-time gardener to mow lawns, trim hedges, weed and water plants.

Gardening is physical work but there are so many useful gardening tools and gadgets for almost every task. This includes knee rests, light weight tools and longer handles so you can avoid back strain.

There is a wealth of anecdotal evidence to support that gardening improves your mental state and can even stave off Alzheimer’s disease.

How can you satisfy your shopping urges without having to spend any money? Even better, get paid to shop or eat out! A mystery shopper goes into a fast food restaurant or a store and pretends to order or buy something just as a regular customer. Meanwhile, without the staff noticing, they are quietly noting all the small details of their experience and service: the time it takes to order and receive the food, the cleanliness of the toilet, the response to queries or complaints, the appearance and attitude of the workers.

This is life of the mystery shopper and for many retirees, this is the dream career. In 2004, in the US alone, they estimate that a whopping $645 million dollars were paid out to mystery shoppers. You might be in a fast food restaurant in the morning, buying electronics in the afternoon and enjoying a swanky top class restaurant in the evening; all on someone else’s money!

I was once paid for spending a night in one of the world’s finest hotels. A third-party security company had hired me and dozens of others to secretly test the emergency fire procedure. We spent a very comfortable evening enjoying the hotel’s delights including an evening meal, swimming pool, spa and gym. At around 10am the next morning the fire alarm sounded. We were guided by the staff to the nearest emergency exit and simply had to complete a 45 minute interview about our experience. The easiest supplementary income I have ever earned.

When looking for mystery shopper opportunities you can do an online search but research each opportunity thoroughly as there are internet scams. Also, there is no guarantee you will be accepted first time round or by the first company to which you apply, so be patient and persistent.


It is said that 80% of people finish up in the wrong job. So looking at a new career in your retirement is an opportunity to try something completely new. Po Bronson says his popular book “What Should I Do With My Life” says many retirees draw inspiration from his stories in order to find meaningful work for their retirement years.

These are just a few of the opportunities available to you to add to your retirement income. I hope you have enjoyed this brief guide to the best retirement jobs. All the best wishes for your new career!

Steve and Vicky
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THWGlobal offers more for the Leaders who have goals of earning more than a maximum of $10,000 monthly; in many cases much more!

Earning more has been made possible to those who wish to purchase our eLearning product or to those that wish to get certified and sell advertising. With these additional 100% optional purchases IVs can also earn form our Power Bonuses and/or by becoming a Certified IV which entitle you to additional income streams from selling advertising on the THWGlobal Video Platform. For those who can afford the $10 monthly eLearning or the $995 Certification Course should upgrade now to maximize their earning potential. But keep working with your team and teach them about viewing and duplication or team building of IVs who do the same.


THWGlobal desires and promotes that all of our leaders who are on the fast track to earning more continue to make this a priority, as this is how everyone can have success with THWGlobal. This is what will take us to 5, 10 or even 50 MILLION IVs.

THW Global is the ONLY 100% FREE opportunity in the world; where someone can earn up to $10,000 a month by viewing entertaining videos, TV pilot programs or movie trailers and building a ten level team of 100% FREE IVs who all to the same.

THWGlobal was founded on J. Paul Getty’s formula for Success, we should all think seriously about this:

“I’d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men
than 100% of my own effort.”

THW GLOBAL takes it to the next level by allowing you to benefit from 4% of the efforts of 1000, 10000, 50000, 100000 or even 1,000,000 or more IVs. There literally in not limit to the number.

THWGlobal believes it has made the reality of this quote obtainable to anyone by paying FREE IVs 4% of the efforts of other IVs on up to ten levels! Here are a few other of J. Paul Getty famous quotes and beliefs. THWGlobal management lives by many of them!

  • I’d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own effort!
  • The key to wealth is to learn how to make money while you sleep!
  • There is only one way to make a great deal of money; and that is in a business of your own!
  • Money isn’t everything but it sure keeps you in touch with your children!
  • Money is like manure. You have to spread it around or it smells!
  • To succeed in business, to reach the top, an individual must know all it is possible to know about that business!
  • You must not only learn to live with tension, you must seek it out. You must learn to thrive on stress.
  • The individual who wants to reach the top in business must appreciate the might and force of habit. He must be quick to break those habits that can break him-and hasten to adopt those practices that will become the habits that help him achieve the success he desires!

Remember, there is not another 100% FREE Opportunity in the world in which a person who registers for 100% FREE and never purchases a thing and can earn up to $10,000 monthly. This is exclusively offered by only


Steve and Vicky

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THWGlobal Ten Level Team

Very Important Advice From A Top Ten Team Leader
A Certified IV with Over 200,000 IVs
In This Ten Level Team! See Below:
 Thw Global

Level 1 = 73 / Level 2 = 372 / Level 3 = 2,084 / Level 4 = 11,847 / Level 5 = 20,717
Level 6 = 31,849 / Level 7 = 35,656 / Level 8 = 35,429 / Level 9 = 34,849 / Level 10 = 30,582
Total Ten Levels = 203,458 IVs 
Goal is Over 10 Million IVs in One Year or Less


With utmost respect to viewing which is the foundation of our IV Business. The real opportunity before us today is building a Ten Level Team! With my almost 40 years of successful experience I am personally telling my team to build their Ten Level Team. NOW! As you can see above I am not just preaching it. I am leading the team by example. We have a pretty good team because I teach that video viewing will always be here for years to come but getting a jump start on the world by building a Ten Level Team will not always be here to build. That opportunity will shrink so fast when 25 to 50 million people become IVs. Let’s think about the following:

  1. THW Global currently has a market potential of an estimated two billion people globally. Currently Facebook has 1.71 billion users of which 500 million login every day. This means the current IVs of almost 1.4 million has a future IV to prospect ratio of 1400 prospects for every current IV. Now let’s fast forward one year and estimate that THW Global will have 15 million IVs. The prospect ratio would be reduced to 130 prospects per IV. Fast forward another year or two and estimate THW Global will have 50 million IVs. The prospect ratio would be reduced to 40 prospects per IV. Because of the serious Ten Level Team that my Team Leaders have currently built this will not be a concern of ours one, two or even three years from now. All because we took action now while the prospects are 1400 to 1 instead of 40 to 1. ​Great example especially here in the USA. Imagine if you were selling Facebook accounts. How many people would you have to approach to find one who does not have one. Within 3 years THW Global new IVs will have that same problem!
  2. Take Amway as an example. In the 60’s there were thousands of distributors and now there are millions! The prospects today are very very few compared to the 60’s and the same will happen with THW Global but it won’t take 50 years. More like 2 years!
  3. Right now building a Ten Level Team is 100 times easier than it will be 2 years from now or even a year from now most likely. WHY? Most of the people you know would have heard of it or already became an IV for THW Global! You see my current Ten Level Team above and that is in only 109 days – could you even imagine what it will be in one year or two? – Most probably in the millions of IVs. If I just made 50 cents a month per IV only counting The Power Bonus, it would exceed every financial goal I have imagined in my 40 years not just for me but for many, many more people just like you. Again as an IV viewing is the foundation. Get your 5 hours weekly in but focus on building a TEN LEVEL TEAM. Viewing will always be available!
  4. FACT: Viewing Opportunity Will Always Be Here. We cannot say the same when it comes to building a Ten Level Team. That is where the REAL OPPORTUNITY is TODAY! Please very important continue reading very Important Advice Part II.

Continue reading THWGlobal Ten Level Team

Online video ads are where it’s at, according to ad executives

Video Marketing for BusinessVideo marketing for business purposes is critical in today’s increasingly content-centered, video-driven digital landscape—and if you doubt it, simply consider a few of the following facts. A product is 144 percent more likely to sell if it has an accompanying product video; consumers who watch a video are 85 percent times more likely to make a purchase, right then and there, than whose who do not watch product videos. As such, it is vital to not only engage in video marketing, but to optimize your videos to ensure they are seen by as many potential clients and customers as possible.

Case Studies from Endless Leadz

This may sound easier said than done—but video marketing for business owners is far from an uphill battle or a lost cause. The marketing team at Endless Leadz has generated incredible success through video marketing. A few examples:

  • Conducting a quick search for “free Facebook ads” will take you directly to an Endless Leadz video, one that has amassed 1 billion hits and counting!
  • We have also won the #1 Google search engine ranking for “private school Budapest.”
  • Likewise, we have won search engine prominence for a client under the Google search term “epoxy flooring Ottawa.”

Surveying these Google rankings shows that it is indeed possible to win search engine visibility through strategic video marketing. Not only that, but these videos also reveal a few important tips and techniques that are important for video marketing for business.

Video Marketing and Local SEO

The first takeaway from these successful online video marketing endeavors is that video is not only great for general SEO, but for local SEO, as well. That’s why the geo-specific signifiers in these videos—mentions of Budapest and Ottawa—are so important. These companies are both trying to bring in local customers, so including these city names in the titles and descriptions of these videos is a must. That’s an important tip for any business seeking to capitalize on video marketing.

Actionable Content Imperative

Take a moment to check out the “free Facebook ads” video. It includes a number of statistics and compelling figures, all displayed in graph form. This is a great example of the kind of content that your video marketing endeavors should focus on—content that educated and informs, or else suggests specific plans of action. The bottom line is that your marketing videos should provide viewers with some steps they can take, right here and now, to put the content of your video into practice.


Calls to Action are Critical

Another thing you might notice in the “free Facebook ads” video is that it includes a clear call to action. The video ends with a strong admonition to call today, and to inquire about Facebook ad services. A call to action is a crucial component in any sales copy, and that includes video content; you might also consider including a brief call to action in the written description of your video, as well as a link to your website or to a landing page.

Take Advantage of Different Channels

Another thing to notice: The videos in our three cases studies are posted to an array of sites and channels, including not just YouTube but also DailyMotion. There is some real merit to varying the online video platforms you use; YouTube may be the most popular, but you can cover more bases and reach more potential clients by spreading your content across a few different channels. Also worth noting is the pending launch of paid video channels on YouTube, which will provide some great opportunities for video marketing for business owners.

Video Marketing Can be Simple

A final point to make about the videos noted here is that, while all three look good and are professionally-done, none of them are particularly long, complicated, or expensive. In fact, all three of them are really as simple as business owners speaking to the camera, sharing their insights and their expertise. This is a key consideration for those interested in video marketing for business purposes: You don’t need a fancy film studio or an expensive camera crew—all you need is your own industry know-how and a desire to connect with viewers.

Steve and Vicky

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7 Tips for Online Video Marketing And How To Leverage Them


According to comScore, 84.5% of the U.S. Internet audience views online videos. Videos continue to have a more significant role in the online viewing experience, and even Facebook wants to focus on video ads for their clients. So, what is video marketing? Essentially, it is incorporating video into your marketing campaign to help sell your product, service or company. Not to mention, studies show that video helps to increase your Google ranking, open rates, click through rates and conversions. Here are some online video statistics:

  • named 2014 as the year of B2B video marketing.
  • Forrester Research found that pages with videos have a 50% higher probability of landing on the first pages of Google search results.
  • Google currently includes more video results within its organic search listings.
  • Emails with “video” in their subject line get 2-3 times more opens than those without video.
  • Cisco predicts that, by 2016, 70% of mobile data traffic will consist of mobile video.

So, if you are ready to get started, read on for some tips.

Think of Powerful Titles

Even with video, you still need to find a way to draw viewers. The first step of the process is with a popping title. First of all, you want a title that attracts traffic. Second of all, a good title, with the appropriate mix of keywords, will rank your video higher in the search engines. Also, Google owns YouTube, so they place significance on the name of your video.

Consider Your Audience

Who are your target viewers? What type of content would they find valuable? Do you have something to teach? One of the most profitable video types are the “How To.” They teach your audience something new while improving your reputation in addition to establishing your credibility as an expert in your field.

Moreover, if possible, keep your video length in mind. Viewers don’t want to spend an hour on one video, they have other sites they want to visit. The best time frame is no longer than three minutes. For example, Vine and Instagram make the most of several seconds. Brands such as Zappos and Burberry both use Vine to assist with sales conversions.

Make it Different

With millions of videos, you need to stand out from the crowd. Figure out what topics are overly saturated, and stay away from those. People won’t be interested in videos that are similar to all the others. Look for trending topics for some ideas. You can also ask your clients for suggestions of what they would like to see.

Create a Greeting and Sign-Off Script

When you meet people for the first time, you usually start with an introduction where you state your name and give some information about yourself. It helps to do the same with your video content, especially when you are just starting out. Tell your viewers your name and business name, as well as any other relevant information you wish to include.

Next, write your sign-off script. You can mention your business name again and maybe your location as well as your call out. Practice your script as many times as needed until you can say them naturally without any visual aids or cues.

Don’t Forget Your URL and Logo

The whole idea behind video marketing is to advertise your company, product or service. So, when editing your video, you can also add a text box with your website address. This gives you an extra bang for your buck. You want people to watch your videos; then you want them to visit your site. Additionally, keep your logo where it can be seen, easily.


The most difficult part of the process are taking the first steps. Your initial set of videos is a great way to gauge what works and what doesn’t. Don’t be too hard on yourself because you always have room to learn and grow. Look at the comments and viewing statistics. Which videos are the most popular and why? Which videos need some tweaking? When you answer these questions, your future videos will benefit from your experience.

Boost Your Video Marketing Strategy

Once you start feeling more comfortable, create a campaign. So, instead of posting videos here and there, construct a series around your chosen topics. Make each one follow after the other, and publish consistently. This gives energy to your efforts, and viewers will start to look forward to your videos.

End each video with a call to action. This can be visiting your site, signing up for a newsletter or leaving a comment. If you have their attention, now is the time to take advantage of it.

Stay away from sounding too sales-y. You want your videos to feel like your written content. It should answer customer questions or provide solutions. If consumers feel they are watching a sales pitch, they will probably leave, immediately.

Optimize Your Keywords

Again, you want to use your keywords in your title, tags and descriptions. Improve your rankings by embedding your videos on your text pages that convey similar content. Make your phrases more specific. To illustrate, if your keyword is “fruit” for an organic raspberry farm, it will be better to use “organic raspberries” instead.

Video Content Suggestions

You want to include various types of videos in your marketing mix. This makes you feel more diverse and keeps your clients engaged. Here are some forms you can use:

  • Educational (Features and benefits of your products and services).
  • Discuss case studies.
  • Share stories (Personal or business-related).
  • Ask questions and answer them.
  • Make behind-the-scenes videos.
  • Show screen captures.
  • Perform interviews.

Video marketing is an enjoyable and efficient way to improve sales conversions. They can be intimidating at first, but you get better as you go along. Moreover, you can post them on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well.

You can stay linked to a larger audience and especially millennials who are very connected to the online world. You can even integrate your video campaigns into your CRM system to measure and capture leads as well as data. The future of video marketing shows a lot of potential for use with Google Glass, smart watches and other wearable devices. So, are you pumped about video marketing?


Steve and Vicky

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Tap or click my link to learn how you can earn
up to $36,353 (or more) per month inviting just
2 people (or less) into a $14.95 per month

P.S.: And yes, this is my affiliate link above,
but even though I’m being compensated to tell
you about this I wouldn’t tell you under any
circumstances if I didn’t believe in it.