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02/21/17 Presidents Call: Matt Landau, Mark Seyforth, Joey Seyforth

Greetings good life nation and welcome to our tuesday evening president call this is matt land on your president with the one and only marquee for it everybody got excited you get here alright this is joey seed for it and we’re going to tell you all about it adjust the field another seat guys part of our commitment and growing and getting a getting more and more developed this is something that we’re really excited to talk to you about so we’re gonna introduce you to him in just a few minutes but i wanted to get started tonight before we really jump into some exciting updates and some great things we have coming just gonna take a moment to talk to you guys you know we’ve all been very very excited and very very focused with what we’re doing here at good life and you guys are putting your hundred percent effort into it and we really appreciate everything that you’re doing while you’re here is because you have that vision you have the same vision that we have you see what we’re building you see what we’re growing together and that is an important critical piece of where we are right now is that vision and are we there yet no of course not not close not even not even as close as we are now or just frustrated as a lot of you out there yeah we want everything yesterday and it and when it doesn’t happen we’re just like you it’s like why can’t we get this done oh and i’m talking about i’m going to tell you why and and I just you know it’s really important to stress all kind use these opportunity to get together get on the same page respect we’re all having that same vision and we’re working towards something really really incredible and sometimes I know there’s frustration and we’re happy to hear it and work towards solutions together and like i said in the weeks passed it’s not just working towards fixing the problems it’s about building the system’s setting up the infrastructure the right way so that we build this into the company that we know it’s going to be and so as we get there remember you know we are pioneers we are fighting and building every single day sometimes you guys are going to see what you want to see but trust us we are working on everything together I want to just trust me want to show you we’re going to you know that’s part of what this call is to talk about what the specifics we have that we’re putting into place the things that we’re doing to develop and to get there the tangible things that you can see but you also gotta have a little faith because we’re going to get there yeah we will that’s that we’re going to get there because you know we all see the opportunity and and it’s big and it’s bigger than any one of us I guess we’re going to dress what we’re gonna dress first are some of the issues working right guys we’re just we know what we got going on here we are on it we’re focused we rely on your feedback and we appreciate it but just you know keep that vision in mind and just keep that face and that excitement that passion that’s what that’s what that’s what’s going to make this company great so I do want to jump in let me give you some specifics and manual things that we are putting in place right now that you’re going to be able to see the number one when we put the the VIP card Commission data up on the back in your back office that was a wonderful thing and people said thank you we can finally start to see these cards that were put there were giving out there are actually being booked can use and were able to see those dollars actually collected and that was a great start but you know we really want to be able to see what cards are being activated and we get and we have all that data but we haven’t been able to roll that out yet we are putting that in place that activation data is coming very very soon into your dashboard so you’re going to be able to see not just the dollars that you’re accumulating from looking at the number of these cars that are actually getting activated and that’s important because you know we’ve talked about how you share the good life and how you share the VIP cards it’s not just throwing out you engage you teach you talk to people about what we what we are you follow up when you can and so you really want to be able to see what’s working what’s not and the activation date and something’s really critically important so we’ve got that coming for you and that’s something that’s that’s a positive that something is going to be in place very soon you’re going to be able to see that and and we’re excited about that the other thing I wanted to touch on briefly was shipping and fulfillment obviously you know we have a third part of your problem that was what I I’m feeling for that statement and shoot your dog or your screen or this one actually it’s a problem very quickly be resolved removing a great face thats going to cover that these are good problem for problem number less you probably say that before but another great area that were working on is obviously with our fulfillment we have third-party fulfillment that we’ve talked about in the past and we are continuing to improve that process getting the software in place making sure that we streamline that process one of the things that we actually just put into place today was a software fix that was allowing us to actually take the orders the new IBO kid orders and actually placed them hand them directly often fulfillment so it’s an extra step that we needed to work through but now that we have that orders that are going out that are being made are going to contain easily into our shipping q so that’s going to represent a big step forward is fulfilling these orders and getting them done quicker of course we still have that kind of backlog of orders that we need to address and we are working tirelessly day and night to get those orders not just the ideal kids but the the court orders themselves get them out the door there’s a simple solution to have you got to stop working and you know we got up but if you don’t want to do that yeah we do our part to make sure we catch up to you at once again don’t don’t don’t matter what happened a good mood so one of the things i want to have you made chili because we’re really really excited to have him here because he’s adding something really spectacular 22 are you are companies and how we’re going to be able to grow really set the future but before we get into that I didn’t want to touch you have much of the programming we want to be honest we want to direct we’re going to talk about this clearly and openly so you know I’m gonna be serious here for a moment you know we’ve made a lot of promises that we have not delivered when it came to our program and you know what actually happened is this you know we talked about this and some and you feel like you feel so bad when you really want to deliver something for everybody just hasn’t happened here’s the bottom line we spent a lot of time and a lot of money paying a bunch of developers that guaranteed a certain delivery dates and certain things that would happen and the bottom line is they just didn’t deliver we fired much Pete we just had a fire and realize that you know what we’ve lost the time we lost the money and we’ve got to start over again so we started with new developers developers are doing a great job we’ve got away now to kind of look and evaluate what’s happening on a day-to-day basis to make sure this never happens again and we’re moving very very fast pace to deliver what we’ve always thought we were going to deliver about two months ago for you out there what it means is this we’re going to see listing platform a while longer just funny works functional functional everything’s got to do in calculating but what it doesn’t do is the things we really want to be able to do which is bringing all the outside teams and which for a lot of you out there and i said before we’ll for those years are building will come up quite a bit when that happens now for the people who are building your income will probably go down you know when that happens so obviously you wanted yesterday and we understand that so we’re working to get that done but but you have to look at what the grand plan is your guys we’re talking about something debt with this legacy tree and starting to open other countries we’re going to be having explosive growth everywhere we go and obviously we’re building a platform that will handle that growth in the future so we can’t accept anything left and so we’re not going a little analysis done we know that it’s going to frustrate you a little bit longer trusts reits us what kind if you look at things on it sometimes happens yeah I’ve seen people get involved how come they were successful other people you know why people become successful lot of people fail because the people online are social excited what happened against the problem this is too much I can’t do this I’m I’m gonna deal with this i’m not i just go somewhere and great you can do that but the reality is in life the opportunities always there and you sometimes have the biggest issues in the biggest problems we solve that if you stick it out and that’s always had success if everybody else quit i’m just getting started because I believe that splits the difference in life and business and that’s what you guys are all right now because promise you for those who maybe don’t stick it out but you’re gonna look back no doubt you look back two years on my gosh what did i do what did i do the top think that companies because ladies if you look at what we’re talking about today you can realize whatever the options are we’re going to fix him yeah we’re going to build spending customer service Jones gonna be talking about that in just a minute we’re expecting company service to solve all the problems all the issues were fixing the shipping problems there’s going to be a thing of the past year and a week and i’m gonna be talking are foundational things these are the critical things that have to be right and we can make up some story we could bring in some substitute for a solution that’s not what we are now we’re ever going to be we’re going to do it the right way even if it means have any contrast and painful reality you know what we wanted to deliver this but it wasn’t what we wanted it wasn’t our vision you want to deliver to you so we have our developers and they’re out there and they’re making it happen now and and you know the great thing is it comes to our corporate offices and you see this happening you know we just doubled our sides are spaced we just took the other half of the building so this thing is growing very rapidly will bring it on to employees that Julie talk about what we’re doing from a standpoint of customer service now because that’s one of the issues to is getting to the calls and answer the call in my head right now further ado here’s our new manager of operations brings a lot of great experience a lot of great perspective on things and really somebody’s going to come in and help us really in all of these areas build systems that we’ve talked about jokes are just absolutely like you guys you know I’m Joey for many of you might already even though relationship ingredients right now because this ain’t the name rings a bell for sure and what a lot of these guys are talking about you know these are growing things you know we’re always going to experience these things in the beginning and you know that’s part of the success so that’s part of the process you know if it was eating everybody would get in the beginning but that’s why you guys are here on the ground floor you know we really do appreciate you taking the time and you know growing with us as we grow so what I bring to the table to a lot of history with marks companies running operations I even started customer support so if you got to find the country support you know I know how you guys can get a little antsy out there when you’re not getting your orders or things aren’t working right so we definitely want to look at the processes that are working right now and build on those and then of course i want to be able to bring in some new stuff that’s working the past and be able to correct some of the mistakes we are making as of today and that goes to not only with customer support with shipping or even going to be doing some international expansion here very i’m excited to work with you that’s going to be the fun part absolutely have to all the great challenges that come along the road and you know Joey’s perspective on really understanding how these companies developed and your trajectory and how to get it had a really streamline and get efficient with Robbie exactly and then you know we’re not going to put something out there that’s not ready you know I put something out there this incomplete or we’re going to hear from you in a week that’s not working you know Mark always puts out something that that’s going to be perfect and absolute you want specifics here you guys need to get your product on time paid commissions on time those are some of the big important things of all network marketing companies you know you want to be able to get your commissions this is your own and on time you want product on time and you want to support platform and a website platform that works as efficient and so some of the experiences that I bring to the table are going to help us streamline these processes make us more efficient of the company and overall you know give you guys the field but you need the tools we got shot down here you don’t see job he’s here working yeah yeah jobs like the rest of us what we want this for all the guys out there we want this to be the most perfect company in the world and one good it will be you know but you know you have some stories to tell because you’ve been there when it wasn’t and and we wanted to kind of come out there and how’d you guys meet us tonight really address these things we’re talking about you know as you see here right now we’re talking about advances were making its fulfillment we’re talking about advances were making in customer service we’re talking about tangible advances were making with our programming these are the foundations of this company and we are committed to doing everything necessary to getting it right and delivering it to you at the best possible manner that we can write and we’ve met a lot of leaders to the last couple weeks for bringing great ideas to from the standpoint of tutorials with training and things you want to get in place so that you know as I do is you have the tools to do you need to be able to share with people so i’m trying to call customer services will have that legacy tree work that I do team I don’t get family shares all those types of things will go away because we’ll be giving you the tools to be able to share with the field so they’ll go oh you wanna know how that works here you go watch this video watch this video and so we’re working towards getting that finish too and we’ve got some great leaders that have come on board recently there helping us get a lot of leaders we talked to really express sincere interest in wanting to help us develop these tools and wanting to reach out and educate and manage motivate and inspire their downline and that was really it was really cool point the meeting we had earlier this last week market with some leaders who talked about really you know not just training and educating but inspiring and teaching them out to you know how to achieve these goals how to set these goals a lot of you guys you know you get it you understand how to set these goals that’s what major so successful not everybody has that you know as it already that skillset already developed so as you guys can get out there you can build organizations and you can you get really inspire and teach these tangible skills that are not only going to help them succeed make this company succeed and not just here international and for a lifetime to that was always you know this for life time for all of you so where we at now that what else we got you covered well you know I wanted to be a couple of couple of quick things and Joey thank you and we continue to you know provide you know build this resource and implement new systems this is a really positive exciting step forward that we’re all really excited about it welcome again alright another c4 to the things we need to do to get started introducing someone to develop we’ve got on board to customer service people just some really great people that work there is one of the best things about a week we can happen now and it is one of the best things I’ve seen love the guys and everybody you’re not a house here has been amazing and as always we invite you to come in and come to one of our live events and you can really feel the energy and then come up and meet and talk with us and so that’s something we really enjoy doing so proud of our headquarters big beautiful building we have here in boca raton florida couple of quick other things canada canada is progressing nicely we are moving along and we’re hitting the benchmarks as far as what we need I think of your last week I addressed some of the specifics that I wanted to see from a merchant processing standpoint from an integration of the software standpoint and then a legal compliance standpoint I’m making steps making strides in all of those direction at all those directions and I feel very positive about it and I’m hoping that in the next couple weeks we are going to be able to flip that switch and say come on come on canada it’s getting there getting there a lot of excitement and you can talk about the other countries like a hard one for your registration now let’s go by Canada’s there’s a lot of kind of organic excitement because we have people that a Canadian affiliations that came to us and we know that there’s already a couple thousand at least very very incredibly interested Canadian members to be so that is kind of facilitated this growth but we’re also doing as we begin to an eye towards other countries we’re going to set up a pre registration page and what that’s just going to be a very simple page and landing page we’re going to be able to go on select a country that there are from right now we’re looking at the bahamas and caribbean countries it’s kind of being our next evolution once we get asked canada and you’re going to be able to go on there and you’re going to be able to get a lot actually actually be actually taking a pre-registration spy for free that actually will play something the genealogy when we open those countries and sometimes they just want you doing this so that we can look at a lot of different countries and and what we’re going to look at as a company is ok where is the biggest excited to come from whatever that country is it’s creating a massive amount of free registration and excitement guess what that’s going to do next is we’re gonna open because obviously that’s going to be the most beneficial to all of you especially if you understand the legacy trail is so if you have to know people in countries that some countries were talking about that may be interested you might want to start letting them know they want to start setting up some of the some of the materials and some of our some of our videos and thanks because that’s going to be set up i’m hoping that will be up in the next week based on what i’m told i will be able to deliver that but i’m not saying for sure i’m hoping strongly hoping that i can get that sign up for you so these are a lot of really exciting things that we have going on oh it’s on our events but saturday Saturday at ten a.m. in miami we’ve got an IBO sponsored event at the hilton garden inn and it’s going to be a spanish and english presentation so if you’re in the Miami area if you have Hispanic with friends or if you want to come and have that experience it’s also going to be in English as well as can be sightings can be fun and really excited yes I have actually speaking I didn’t know that my wife and formula back I’m doing one portion of the so you wouldn’t translate in both Spanish and English ok so we’ve got up and not going out the few cities but we are talking and trying to get some date certain for some cities to get the get the the bus out back on the road in New York arizona i get to the place where we get a lot of interest to try to do something very and it’s the same thing there are people if you have people that are interested in you know you can kind of promised a substantial amount couple hundred people that are going to be a room we’re gonna we’re gonna get there in some form or function so we want we want to help you build your organization we want to help get that word out it’s just with these live events when we get out on the road it is it’s just the excitement is it something else that is really some state to actually keep thinking about that Atlanta Atlanta a couple weeks ago and just Channing good life good life in the room I guess what covers maybe a little about what we got left is yeah you want to try and wrap that up and then I just got one thought I want everybody to tonight’s call but what we’re also really looking at doing here in April or May is our first Weaver seminar and this is going to be open to any ideas that wants to attend going to be in a beautiful destination of course we actually one of our first dream destinations where we’re looking right now at either something maybe at all inclusive in Mexico we’re looking at maybe a Caribbean trip and we’re also looking at cruises so we’re going to kind of make that decision what we’ve talked about doing is putting up a site here i was just talking with John right before we went live he said give us till friday so on friday will try to put up a site John making know this is able to deliver on this it will have a site where you can go in and we’ll give you some options or what you would like where you’d like to go and also how many people you think with a tent that was yourself and maybe part of your group because one of the things we’ve got to do is is we got to figure out how many people are going to be going so that we can go go out negotiate the best deal because obviously the buying power we have already got great prices but we can really get unbelievable pricing we’ve got a group going somewhere so we’re going to put that out and we’ll give you all the details to the website to go to so you’ll be able to look at that and start that three registration process therefore the event and again it’s just you know you’re not obligate yourself together just saying look I really like to go and then it gives us an idea of what to expect and we don’t know if we’re going to have on the first 100 200 500 have no idea and we will make this something really spectacular for you guys because all the owners will be there some of top management from the company will be there all obvious all the top ideas will be there will be the first time for us to be together as a group and really exchange tremendous yeah idea it’ll be fun it’ll be educational and a great great forever changing my guess is we’ll probably be unveiling something I’m sure it’ll be something some surprises so that’s one thing i wanted to share and the last thing i want to share was just kind of a personal thought but is there anything else here I’ll wrap it up you guys do anything else you’d like to add my wrap this up now we’ve got work to do one last thing something to think about you know the other day I was listening in customer service and some guys called and he’s really upset about not getting his cards and stuff and he was talking about quitting and everything and it really bothered me really Bobby thinking this guy’s I understand the frustration i really do like get it quick because of it and I understand that but they can only some way I could convey to him if he would just hang in there what that’s going to mean am in the coming years because guys there is no way unless you do this like I have 45 years and you see what we’ve actually put together this legacy tree i think most people don’t get what’s going to happen for those of you like those children i’m talking about what would happen if you stayed and would have been in this legacy treat what that was meant to him and his family in the years to come because you’ve got to put in perspective it’s not just what you’re going to do once you have a legacy tree every country in the world that we open its going to fall under that tree and you’re gonna get compensation and you can’t put a price tag on what they could possibly mean and so I see here that it’s like it’s really it’s not that we gotta have and we’re gonna feel about no I feel sad because I don’t want that person to lose the opportunity I really don’t know one person to ever lose this opportunity itself you know i’m not blaming us a better job but also please use the chance because we’re going to this that’s shifting problem guys it’s going to be fixed in two weeks I don’t think we talking about again but you get over that and costing the position in the legacy tree was probably going to change his wife yeah so well put well put know that back to hang in there guys keep working and keep that vision keep that belief in what we know we’re building what we’re going to build together so with that we say thank you for tuning in the wonderful week take care and god bless


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Good Life USA Info GoodLife Is It A Real Opportunity?

Good Life USA Info GoodLife Is It A Real Opportunity?

GoodLife USASo there’s a brand new network marketing company getting some buzz around the Industry. The company is called Good Life USA and as of this writing the company is doing a soft launch. Now if you’re reading this, then chances are you’re thinking about joining the company but you’re doing some research online. If that’s the case, then look no further because in this Good Life USA info, I’m going to cover all the essential details you’ll need before you join. With that said, I do want to disclose that I am in Good Life and I am a affiliated with them. I think it’s important for you to know that.

Good Life USA info – Who Is Good Life Anyway?

First and foremost, if you’re thinking about joining the company then you should start by looking at the company itself. Sure the compensation plan is important, but what good is it if the company is not set up to be around long term. Being that the company is so new and it’s going through a soft launch, there’s not a ton of information online. However, they do have a functioning company website which is a good thing. From what I see, the Florida-based company sells travel through a network marketing model. From a marketing standpoint, travel makes a lot of sense to market since you don’t have to explain what it is, and you don’t have to convince someone to do it. You’re basically offering savings on travel and who doesn’t want to save money? What’s unique about Good Life USA is they offer a 110% refund of the difference if you use the search engine and find lower prices on another travel website.

The company’s CEO and Co-founder is Mark Seyforth. Seyforth is an MLM veteran and was last known for One24. While I was not involved with One24, I do know that some reputable marketers were making some good money there before it fizzled out. From what I’ve seen, Seyforth is a credible leader which is a good thing if you join since you want to have good people leading the organization. Overall, it’s hard to say how solid the company is especially because start-ups typically go out of business within their first 5 years. That being said, the company has an experienced management team and travel is a booming industry that’s projected to grow over the next 20 years.

Good Life USA Info- Can You Make Money With Good Life?

Good Life USAThere are a few different options to get started as a distributor. Here’s a simple breakdown of the 3 memberships available:

IBO Enrollment – $79
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Our members benefit from some of the best international travel consultants in the world, allowing GOODLIFE USA to deliver some of the biggest discounts and best package deals available. We stand behind this with a Price Match Guarantee on hotels, condos, cruises, hand-selected luxury getaways and more. GOODLIFE USA members also take advantage of Lifestyle Benefits ranging from entertainment & attractions to shopping and dining to sports, health & wellness, insurance — the list goes on and on. Imagine one place to discover discounts, deals and cashback offers on all the things you do, enjoy and need… every day!
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#GoodLife Platinum Membership



What’s included with your  PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP

Platinum Members and IBO’s with Platinum Memberships have access to everything from Silver & Gold Membership levels, plus:

Condo Getaways: Value & Premier Escapes

Hotel room not big enough? No kitchen to dine as you choose? No living room to stretch out and relax? Our Luxury Resort Condo Getaways offer the space, comfort and conveniences of home in hand-selected destinations worldwide at unbelievable prices as low as $25/night!

Condo Search & Booking Engine

Search luxury condominium resorts worldwide for the perfect vacation. Imagine a week on an exotic island or overlooking a scenic mountain vista or even at your favorite vacation destination for the price of one night in some hotels. That’s what we call living the good life.

Travel Concierge

Enjoy access to our professional travel agents who are ready to help research and book any trip you can imagine. Are you planning a trip or even already on a trip and need some help? Relax. Give your Travel Concierge a call and leave the rest to us.



Order & Distribute VIP Club Cards

Monthly Residual CV Income

Retail Bonuses

Quick Pay Bonuses (3 Tiers)

Achievement Awards

& Leader Rewards

Legacy Tree Eligible

Membership Benefits (Full Benefits)


Monthly: $59.95

Startup: $279.00

Includes 1st Month Membership


Depending on an IBO’s status and their membership level, various
income opportunities are available:
VIP Club Cards
The VIP Club Card is the ultimate lead generation and/or customer appreciation tool. The card allows the holder to search hotels and
resorts worldwide at low members-only rates and save up to $200 versus popular online travel agent websites.
Incredibly, when a cardholder saves up to $200, the IBO who distributed the card receives up to $100! Everyone wins with the
VIP Club Card program by GOODLIFE USA.
Monthly Residual Income (CV)
Our 2×20 Social Network compensation plan enables each IBO to receive monthly residual income from their customers’ membership
fees each month, as well as from customers’ membership fees of other IBOs in their social network.
Retail Bonuses
Retail Bonuses are paid to an IBO when they enroll a new membership customer.
Quick Pay Bonuses
Quick Pay Bonuses are paid to an IBO when they enroll new IBOs who combine their IBO status with a membership plan.
Achievement Awards & Leadership Rewards These are ever-increasing rewards paid to IBOs who meet special growth                                  requirements with their social network and income.
Legacy Tree
The Legacy Tree is a company-wide “timestamped” bonus genealogy. By meeting certain requirements an IBO may receive placement in
the Legacy Tree resulting in additional monthly residual income.


Individuals • Businesses • Churches • Schools • Organizations • More

Good Lift

What is it

The VIP Club Card is the ultimate lead generation and customer appreciation tool… for businesses, individuals, you name it! The card provides the user an exclusive “sneak peek” at hotel and resorts at the low rates available through GOODLIFE USA without becoming a member first! Then they can book and save up to $200 versus popular online booking websites.


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GOODLIFEUSA members take advantage of extraordinary opportunities to save on travel, retail and more. We enable members to live the life of their dreams without breaking the bank.
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